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Why should you care about the technical details when you have experts to advise you periodically on it. At Bizweb, we speak a language that non-technical person will understand too.

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Reliable service, good support. Bizweb, through years of web hosting, design and development service, knows the best for your small or medium sized company in the long run.

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We are always improving. Constantly working on your business's online offerings and seeks to provide the best web experience for your clients, giving you the most attention whenever there's a need.

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About Bizweb.

Bizweb Communications Pte Ltd was one of the first few companies in Singapore to offer a comprehensive list of web solutions, ranging from website hosting, email services, website design and development, internet marketing and advertising services, since 1996. The management has over 28 years of internet advertising experiences and was again one of the first few to initiate online yellow pages advertising and business directories services for small and medium businesses in Singapore. Today, Bizweb continues to evolve, offering the best Internet product positioning for the clients, re-branding and re-packaging our products and services using the latest web technology to meet the needs of our clients for better efficiency and usage of their web solutions in their daily business operation.